Sample Medical School Personal Statements – Qualities of a Successful Doctor As A Theme

It would take a good amount of discipline to become a successful doctor. This is because an excellent doctor has to possess the qualities of a time management expert, a vigilant and keen observer, and a good communicator. You may be a keen observer, but may not be so good in time management. Or, it could be that you are good in managing time and vigilant in making observations, yet poor in interpersonal skills. Having these three qualities is necessary to succeed as a doctor. Possessing only one quality is not enough to push you to the ladders of success. To have these characteristics, you will need time and self-discipline.

How to develop the necessary qualities of a good doctor

Start as early as possible. If you are planning to be a successful professional in the field of medicine, you should hone yourself to posses the characteristics that would aid you in becoming an excellent doctor. You have to start developing these qualities through simple acts. You don’t need to wait for grand events in your life to change your attitude. Remember that habits start from little acts. So if you want to be an expert in time management, for instance, discipline yourself not to procrastinate. Try to give yourself a little reward every time you accomplish a task on time or ahead of schedule. These little rewards will motivate you to do the same or better next time. Being observant is valued in the world of medicine, so you have to train yourself to have an eye for details. Play the detective all the time. Keep in mind that it always pays to be curious. Developing your interpersonal skills, on the other hand, will require you to open up. You have to give the impression that you are an approachable person. You can do this by wearing a smile most of the time. A simple hello to someone would also make a big difference on how others view you.

Focusing on the necessary skills on your personal statement

Before you can be a successful doctor, you have to get past the admissions for med school first. Your personal statement is one of the requirements that could make or break your dreams of becoming a doctor. Because of this, you have to give your best in writing one. You can use sample medical school personal statements as guide. The first step to writing an essay is to decide on a theme. You can talk about the qualities you have that could make you a successful medical professional in the future. If you are good in time management, you can talk about the instances when you have shown this quality. You can also discuss how these skills of yours would help you get through medical school. However, if you don’t have the characteristics needed to become an excellent medical professional yet, you can write about your determination to develop these qualities.

To get tips on how to make your essay effective, read sample medical school personal statements online. Sample medical school personal statements essays can teach you how to develop your topic or your theme effectively.

Interesting Topics For College Admission Essays

If you are seriously considering applying to college or any graduate school, part of the preparation that you cannot ignore, aside from taking the required standardized tests, is the preparation of a well-crafted college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay, as part of your application to college or grad school. This part of the application process is a measurement of your personality, and constitutes an integral part of the admissions process. With the number of applicants wanting to pursue higher education dramatically rising since the early 90’s, many colleges and post-graduate schools have imposed certain safeguards to regulate the entry of admitted applicants to their programs. The goal is to admit only candidates who hold promise and are likely to succeed in their chosen field of endeavor. The college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay, is one such safeguard.

It is important, therefore, to come up with a well-polished college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay. And doing so need not be a problem if you are capable of articulating your experiences in written form quite well.

What do you actually need to present in a college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay? It varies actually. Some schools have several specific topics from which you are required to choose and write about. However, on the average, admissions essays usually seek to present you as an individual. This may include a listing of your past and present experiences, your nature, preferences, ideals, principles, family and social backgrounds, your school years, grades received, extracurricular activities, etc. But these are not simply listed down. The essay should seek to present these profiles in clear and specific details and preferably, accompanied with one or two related anecdotes.

The area of extracurricular activities will be of particular significance. Many admissions officers are no longer impressed with high test scores as well as high grades. They realize that these do not represent the total you. They are not satisfied with the numerical side of yourself. What they would like is to get to know more about you and the activities you got involved in, which may be presented in the college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay. Specifically, they want you to present evidence that your field of expertise, for which you are seeking further studies on, is one that is very close to your heart. That being the case, you naturally do not limit your knowledge of the field to theoretical concepts in school. You go out and engage in projects wherein you are able to apply school theories in actual situations.

Such evidences, again, as written down in the college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay – as the case may be, along with an excellent school record as well as a good performance in the admissions test, will persuade school administrators that you are capable of adding something significant to your selected field of study and their school in particular.

However, such evidences should not be listed down in general terms. What is usually required in many college admission essays or graduate school admission essays, including MBA essays are specifics. Detailed accounts of the off-campus undertakings that you immersed yourself in while attending school. Undertakings that are directly connected to your area of concentration. A good example would be something like the following: wanting to enter medical school, you decided to sign up, in the final year of your pre-med course, as a volunteer in the relief operations organized by the group Band-Aid to help the famine-stricken country of Ethiopia. There, your eyes were opened to the harsh reality that not everything is OK in the world. You began to acknowledge that while a number of countries may be well-off, countless others are living way below certain human standards of living. And they are in dire need, not only of food and shelter, but such other basic necessities like medicine and health care.

The college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay affords you the opportunity to present yourself as someone capable of sharing something significant in a particular field, and not just a mere statistic in the same. As such, you are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular endeavors while in the midst of completing your courses of study and to cite these in your college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay. This will make your piece more convincing as well as effective, as it will give solid proof that you are not merely satisfied with meeting course requirements. You are also applying in real life the lessons taught to you inside the classroom.