Diabetes and Food Style – Turn Your Food into Your Medicine

Fast paced life of modern world has necessitated us to give only lower priority to nutrition. This is at a time when nutrition awareness of everyone is high. Instead of taking well cooked food items, fruits and juices, people go after carbonated drinks, fast ‘junk’ food, frozen and preserved food, microwave food. People also don’t take the time to enjoy and appreciate the food they eat. Today most of us just need any food that fills the belly for sometime.

This food habits have given rise to a variety of health problems. Significantly important one among them is diabetes.

Ayurvedic principles tell us food is one important element that keeps a person in a balanced state of body, mind and soul. Taking healthy food translates into healthy body.

Ayurvedic view on diabetes is no different. There are times when diabetes can attack without any warning sign. Ayurvedic food style combined with certain herbal applications helps one effectively manage his or her condition of diabetes.

High sugar level is the most dreaded thing about diabetes. Ayurveda recommends food items that don’t release excess sugar into the blood. Food items that are too sweet, ice cream, chocolate, friend food items, white flour, preserved food, fast food, junk food etc are to be avoided. Bad habits like smoking and drinking should be given up.

Ayurveda recommends Ayurvedic herbal tea for diabetic patients. Replace sugar with honey or jaggery (thickened molasses – sarkkara) or better still palm jaggery (thickened palm molasses – karippatti).

The advantages or drinking more than eight glass of water everyday is not easily told in an essay. Drink a minimum of 8-15 glass of water in the day time. After sunset take only minimal quantities of water. Another thing is to drink plenty of water an hour before a meal and an hour after the meals. Drinking water close to meals dilute the digestive fire (in Ayurveda it is called pitta) and makes the process of digestion difficult.

Take fruits like grapes, fig, pomegranate, citrus fruits etc. Bitter melon (bitter gourd, karela) is used as medicine for diabetes.

The point about Ayurvedic management of diabetes is never a hard task. All you will have to do is to incorporate Ayurvedic principles as your daily routine. Having healthy food and exercise regime itself can help one control his or her diabetes to a great extent.

Include turmeric and garlic as spices, bitter gourd as vegetable, triphala as a laxative and drinking lot of water as daily habit. These are not very difficult to follow. You can’t eat or drink all the food items you have. But living a sweeter life sometimes means giving up some sweet for tongue food items.

Essay on Health and Healing

During my professional career in the holistic and alternative health business, I have been fortunate to come across many wonderful people on their paths to health. I have learned many things.

For example, that health and healing are not miracles for special people, but are available to anyone who wants to try. Unfortunately, in this day of Allopathic/Western medicine and pharmaceuticals, many people may consider holistic health and healing stories to be exaggerations, misdiagnosis, spontaneous healing or outright lies.

I once had a client who was a Minister at his church. He was stricken with a certain cancer and was prescribed chemotherapy. He had surgery to cut out the tumor, but instead of chemo, opted to cleanse his body and take herbs, herbal supplements and an organic, whole foods diet.

At the same time, it just so happened that a man in his congregation was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. He had the tumor cut out then had chemotherapy. He died, and the minister went to his funeral.

The minister came for his appointment and told me he was confused. Why would God let this man die when he did the “right” treatment and he, himself lived and he did the “wrong” treatment? I asked him why he thought his choice was “wrong.”

I had client, a woman who was cleansing because she had breast cancer. I’ll call her Sandy. She had the tumor removed and instead of chemo, she opted to cleanse and take in “power” nutrition to allow her body to heal itself. It worked.

It happened that, exactly as in the last story, a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time. This was her best friend. Her friend had her tumor removed then did chemotherapy. Sandy came to me and told me she was confused. Why was her friend, who tried to fight cancer “the right way,” lying on her death bed while Sandy, who fought cancer “the wrong way,” was feeling the best she had ever felt, even though she was 51 years old? I asked her why she thought hers was the wrong way.

Sandy came to me a couple weeks later and told me she had a revelation: God wouldn’t make a cure for only the rich or those with insurance – God would make a cure for everyone!

These are true stories. I have seen “miracles” of healing pneumonia with only the herbs echinacea and goldenseal. I saw a “miracle” when my own daughter was healed from serious lung problems with herbs and essential oils. I experienced a “miracle” when I was first diagnosed negative (healed) of Hep C after being so sick with it I couldn’t hold down food.

I have met many wonderful people who had their own “miracles” of health and healing from all types of cancer, hepatitis, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even diabetes. We all agreed on something. We couldn’t heal when our bodies were full of toxic waste. And, it takes ten times the amount of nutrition to heal than it does to live on a day-to-day basis.

I believe the Universe, God, the Almighty, did make a cure for all of us. It is in the earth, the herbs, the plants, the mind and the spirit. Health and healing are available to anyone who wants to try. Just as the body can mend a broken bone, I do believe our bodies have the power to heal disease, given the right circumstances.